The Children featured in the Mirror

During National Adoption Week 2017 we worked with the Daily Mirror to find families for just some of the sibling groups of children waiting to be adopted in England.

Could you give these three siblings a home for good?

Bryan (6 years 7 months), Rachel (5 years 8 months) & Shaun (1 year 2 months) are siblings, they were born in the UK and are of Czech heritage.

Bryan is described as a chatty, charming little boy. He enjoys being active and also loves being outside riding his bike.  Bryan loves drawing or colouring; he appears to have a natural talent for this and enjoys giving his ‘artwork’ as gifts to those around him.

Rachel is a girly girl and can be quite shy initially until she gets to know you.  She has a caring and affectionate nature and she often checks with her brothers that they are ok. Rachel also wears glasses due to a squint which has improved significantly since she has been wearing them consistently. She enjoys being outside and loves going to the park. She loves playing puzzles and games such as snap.

Shaun is described as “a ball of energy, who has a real zest for life”.  He has a cheeky smile that lights his whole face up. He has benefitted greatly from the routines put in place by the foster carer, such as regular bedtimes and mealtimes.

We are prioritising enquiries from approved adopters or foster carers who have the the ability and motivation to care for three active children and who have the capacity to promote or reflect the children’s heritage and identity.

Help us find these 2 sets of brothers loving families

Two sets of brothers, at opposite ends of the country. Each desperately in need of an adoptive family.

Jan and Nico are brothers aged 1 year 4 months and 2 years 11 months respectively. Nico has some specific medical needs. We are seeking a family who can commit to attending hospital appointments and support his ongoing development. Jan will also need support in the future for planned cleft palate surgery and care. Additionally, we are seeking a family who can help the boys to understand their heritage.

Ryan, 5 and Josh, 2 are of mixed heritage – White and Black Caribbean. We are ideally looking for a family for Ryan and Josh together. A family who has some reflection of the children’s ethnicity would be beneficial but is not essential. The children would need to be the youngest in the family

Find these sisters their ‘forever family’

Katie and Kayla are two sisters who have been together all their lives. They are part of a larger sibling group.

Katie (7) is an affectionate, caring and thoughtful child who loves playing outdoors, riding her scooter and learning to swim. She’s a member of the local children’s football team, attends Beavers and enjoys Disney movies. She loves animals.

Kayla (6) is a fun, energetic, giggly girl who loves playing with her dolls, arts and crafts, swimming, riding her bike and animals. Like her sister, she enjoys playing outdoors.

Help keep these siblings together by giving them a loving family

Demi, Clayton, Finley & Freddie are siblings who have been in care for just under a year.

Demi is 6 years old. She is a delightful and chatty girl. There are no concerns with her development as she is meeting all age appropriate milestones. .

Clayton a smiley and happy little boy, he loves playing with his toys including cars, trucks and craft activities. He will try most new activities with enthusiasm. Clayton has asthma and takes a preventative inhaler each morning, Clayton’s skin appears to be sensitive and can at times present as red in areas, this can be the result of introducing new foods or a change in wash products.

Finley, 2 years old, is a cheeky, inquisitive and adventurous boy. He enjoys exploring his environment and trying to climb on things.

Freddie, 1, is a content baby and a pleasure to care for, he smiles at adults and his siblings when he is interacted with. He
needs to be cared for with the care and love any baby requires, to ensure he continues to thrive.

In order to find a home for the children as quickly as possible, we are prioritising enquiries from potential adopters who have the capacity to keep the children together and meet all of their needs, where they can be the only children in the family or the youngest by several years. We are particularly interested in hearing from approved adopters or those in the assessment process.

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