Information line disclaimer

We understand that adoption is a sensitive and emotive subject and want to reassure you that all your calls are treated in confidence. We record calls for training and supervision purposes to ensure we continue to improve our service.

We do ask you for some personal information, like your name and contact details, but you are under no obligation to give them to us. We only use this information to allow our advisors to contact you and only pass it on to other organisations (such as an adoption agency) with your express permission.

We also try to record demographic information so that we can better understand the variety of people who are enquiring about adoption in England. When we collate this information, we anonymise it, so it is no longer linked to your personal details.

We are legally bound by the Data Protection Act 1998 to ensure that any information you provide is only used for the purpose for which it was requested and also to ensure that the data is held securely. No information you provide is passed to other organisations or third parties that are not directly connected with First4Adoption, unless we believe in good faith we are required to by law.