Theraplay Level Two

About Theraplay

Theraplay® is a short-term attachment based play therapy for children and their care providers with a proactive focus on adult-child relationships with a focus on attachment theory, intersubjectivity and brain research.


is based on the natural patterns of healthy interaction between adult and child and focuses on:

  1. Attachment, self-esteem and trust through fun and play
  2. The four essential qualities found in parent-child relationships: Structure, Nurture, Engagement and Challenge
  3. Creation of an empathetic connection between child and carer
  4. Resolution of behavioural problems i.e. excessive tantrums, anger, hitting, biting, clinginess, fearfulness, controlling behaviours, self-harm and attachment disturbances

The Marschak Interactional Method (MIM) is an observationally based assessment method used to evaluate parent-child relationships.

Course Information

Participants should have completed the level one training and have experience using Theraplay in their work before attending this training. You will have the opportunity to make a case presentation, this is not essential but is an option if you would like to receive supervision from the trainer. The workshops are intensive and rewarding with the number of participants limited so that each person can receive personal attention from the trainer.

On this training you will

  1. Focus on several examples of MIMs to help you to improve your comfort and skill in administration and interpretation. If time permits you may share one of your complex/ interesting MIMs for discussion with the group
  2. Improve the breadth of your Theraplay skill set to bring your Theraplay work to a higher skill level through lots of practice and a wide range of video examples
  3. Learn how to adapt Theraplay to work with trauma and complex families Adoptionplus is a registered Adoption Agency OFSTED Registration Number: SC384160

Course Objectives

  1. Administer and analyse the MIM in an intermediate skill level
  2. Develop skills in the use of the MIM for planning treatment
  3. Demonstrate how to use a wider range of Theraplay activities and techniques
  4. Describe how to adapt Theraplay work with a wider range of populations, ie older children or those with autism
  5. Describe strategies for dealing with resistant clients
  6. Describe the concept of developmental trauma and modifications to Theraplay that will meet the needs of such a child
  7. Describe how to determine when to use Theraplay in an overall treatment courseDescribe how to adapt feedback sessions with parents to meet the needs of complex families
  8. Develop and practice a treatment plan for a traumatised client

Suitable For

Theraplay is suitable for professionals and practioners with a background in child development, adoption and permanency or psychology, who have completed Theraplay® level one training.

This may include: – Psychologists – Teachers – Play therapists – Social Workers – Counsellors – Psychiatrists – Occupational Therapists – Early childhood specialists – Family therapists


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