First4adoption and Department for Education publish guide to support for adopters

3 May 2013

First4Adoption and the Department for Education are today publishing a new guide to the support available for people who have adopted a child.

The guide, which is being published on the First4Adoption website, brings together the latest information about the entitlements and support that may be available for adoptive parents and their children. It also includes information about the proposed changes to Statutory Adoption Pay.

The ‘Adoption Passport’ guide aims to give adopters information about the kinds of post-adoption support that may be available from their Local Authority, such as: access to counselling and training to help adopters meet the needs of their adoptive child; financial support; priority access to social housing; and social activities for adoptive families.

It gives information about the Government’s plans to change adoption leave and adoption pay entitlements to bring them more into line with those offered to biological parents. This includes the right to take time off in the earlier stages of the process, when prospective adopters are meeting their child, before they move in.

There is also information about getting priority access to schools for an adopted child and the latest plans to offer free early education for adopted children from the age of two.

Gemma Gordon-Johnson, Head of Service at First4Adoption, said: “Children who have been adopted, and their adoptive parents, often need on-going support. However, adoption support provision varies from one area and adoption agency to another, so it is worth asking about this when shopping around for an adoption agency.

“Nevertheless all adoptive families are entitled to request an assessment of their needs by the Local Authority wherever they live and at any point after the adoption. It is hoped that this new guide will help inform adoptive parents about their entitlements and about the types of support that might be available to them.”

She added: “We know that improvements in and better access to post-adoption support are an area that adopters are keen to know more about, so we aim to keep them informed of any changes in this area when they happen via the First4Adoption website and information line.”

People interested in adoption who have any questions about support they might be entitled to, or any other questions about the adoption process, can call our friendly advisers on 0300 222 0022.



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