The Adoption Support Fund Fair Access Limit to be extended

26 January 2017

The “fair access limit” of £5,000 per year , per child, for therapy accessed through the Adoption Support Fund (ASF), will continue into the next financial year (2017/18). The limit, introduced because of unprecedented demand for support, was introduced in October 2016 and requires local authorities to share the cost of support above £5,000.

From April 1st each child will have  the fair access limit of £5,000 for therapy in addition to any therapy funded in 2016-17. It will also be possible to access a separate amount of up to £2,500 per child for specialist assessments in 2017-18.

Minister for Vulnerable Children & Families, Edward Timpson wrote to adoption agency directors this week to outline the measures. You can read Edward Timpson’s letter here.

The Department for Education has produced a “Q&A” about the changes which you can download here.

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