Our Children Need You

This interactive map shows the number of children waiting to be placed within each local authority adoption agency in England. Click on the icon in your area to find out more about your authority.

There were 6,890 children waiting to be placed. There were 4,093 approved adopters waiting for a child to be placed with them.


There were 39 children waiting to be adopted at 31 March 2013

On average, a child was in care for 31 months before moving in with tneir new family

73% of adopters were approved in less than 6 months

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Who can adopt?

There are all sorts of people who adopt – single, couples and at any age over 21. Take our interactive test to find out if you’re eligible to apply.

Adoption agencies

You can adopt through any agency anywhere in the country. Adoption agencies can be either part of a local authority or a voluntary organisation. Use our agency finder to find the right agency for you.

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