Support for adopters

Due to early trauma and and separation, adopted children have often developed certain coping mechanisms that means they can find it difficult to form relationships and display challenging behaviour.

You will have learned various techniques during your preparation training on how to cope with this but as you get to know your child you will become aware of the complexities of their issues.

It’s important to recognise at this point that this is the norm and that there are a range of support and therapies available to help you and your child overcome these difficulties. Choose from the options below:

  • advice


    How to access the support you and your family needs

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  • therapies


    Find out what therapeutic services are available to you

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  • search


    Find adoption support providers near you

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  • educationsupport


    How adopted children can be supported through school

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  • financial


    The Adoption Support fund and other entitlements

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  • housing


    You might be entitled to priority housing

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