‘Meet the Adopter’ webcasts

Meet the Adopter #8

In this webcast we heard from Shelley & Andy. They adopted their daughter through Concurrent Planning a scheme for young children likely to need adoption but who still have a chance of returning to their birth family.

Meet the Adopter #7

In this webcast we me two Foster Mums who made the decision to adopt children in their care.

Rachel is 42 and began fostering in 2011 after working with a children’s charity in Romania. Despite having never considering adopting she now has a 6 year old son. 45 year old Cathy became a foster carer in 2000 and, after caring for twenty five children, adopted two little girls in 2013.

We were also joined by Elaine Dibben from CoramBAAF, an expert in Adoption and Fostering.

Find out more about fostering routes to adoption including Concurrent Planning

Meet the Adopter #6

In our last ‘Meet the Adopter’ webcast we explored the stressful period when adopters wait to be matched with their children. We met two adopters…

Scott, 39, adopted two brothers aged 8 and 7 years (now 16 and 17). Two years ago he and his partner adopted another boy who is now 9.

Cathy, an adopted adult, is 45 years old. She was approved as a single adopter in October 2014. Sadly she is still waiting to be matched with a child.

Social Worker and trainer, Joan Hunt has worked extensively with adopters and their families and provided expert advice on how to manage this difficult time.

Find out more about what you can do while you are waiting for a match.

Meet the Adopter #5

Our last “Meet the Adopter” webcast focused on adoption support. We spoke to Consultant Clinical Psychologist Ben Gurney-Smith and some of the team at AdoptionPlus.

The team talked about different therapeutic models and approaches that can be helpful to adoptive families.

Meet the Adopter #4

For National Adoption Week, we held a special edition of ‘Meet the Adopter’ where we met both adoptive mum, Jane, and her daughter, Izzy.

Meet the Adopter #3

We were joined by adoptive Dads – Matt and Yogesh for our third ‘Meet the Adopter’.

Meet the Minister

Children and Families Minister, Edward Timpson joined us for a special webcast and talked about his personal experience of adoption, the government’s adoption reforms and the new Adoption Support Fund.

Meet the Adopter #2

Guests for the second event, were adoptive mums Janice Storey and Denise Blake. Janice and Denise both adopted twice and each now has a teenage son and daughter. They shared the challenges of parenting adopted siblings.

Meet the Adopter #1

Guests for our first ‘Meet the Adopter’ were:

Tor Docherty She and her partner have two birth children. In 2013 they adopted a boy aged 14 months.

Rupert Smith He and his partner also adopted in 2013. Their son is now 4 years old.

If you’re lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender and want to know more about adoption take a look at our Thinking about adoption guide for LGBT adopters.