National Adoption Week

National Adoption Week 2020 (12th – 18th October)

In the UK, there are almost 3,000 children that are in need of an adoptive family and the number of adoptions in England has fallen by a third in four years. In response, a new national recruitment campaign has been launched, #YouCanAdopt, to bust myths around who is eligible to adopt and explore what the adoption process involves as well as to highlight that especially during the coronavirus pandemic, there are still children out there who are looking for their new family.

The nationwide campaign is being delivered from a cross-sector of Regional Adoption Agencies, Voluntary Adoption Agencies and other key stakeholders around adoption in England, supported by the Department for Education. It aims to change perceptions around adoption and ensure people feel eligible and capable to adopt.

When it comes to people from diverse ethnic backgrounds, there are a number of specific barriers and misconceptions that deter people from taking the next step. This includes concerns around people feeling that their housing is not adequate, finances not in a good enough position, worries about their age, fear of the process being overly intrusive or a mistrust of authority. Some of these barriers have been amplified by recent events including the Black Lives Matter movement and the coronavirus pandemic.

At a time when national statistics reveal that black and mixed-heritage children wait longer to be matched with a new adoptive family, new data from the National Adoption Recruitment Steering Group shows that black communities have positive views around adoption, with 80% stating that they have either adopted, considered or would consider adopting a child in the future.

This National Adoption Week and Black History Month, our focus will be to appeal to potential parents from black African and black Caribbean backgrounds to accurately and positively improve perceptions about adoption and to raise awareness that the key attributes for adopting a child is providing a loving, safe and stable home and that factors such as occupation, salary, the size of someone’s home, home ownership or age are not important.

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