How do I decide if it’s right for me?

Are you thinking of adopting a child but aren’t sure whether it’s right for you?


Adoption is a way of providing a permanent family for children who cannot be brought up by their own parents for many reasons. Parenting adopted children, whilst presenting unique challenges, can be extremely rewarding. If you are able to offer love, commitment, time, patience and the motivation to want to understand how your child sees the world, then that is a great start and the rewards will be limitless.

Children need families from all sorts of different backgrounds

It may be that you have a wish to be a parent but fertility issues mean that you cannot have a birth child. Or you may be gay and, whether single or a couple, adoption is the perfect way to build your family.

You may already have a family but feel you still have space for another child in your family. Or you may be single and feel that you have masses of love, security and happiness to offer to a child who has not had a great start in life and/or has ongoing challenges. Or you may have adopted and are thinking of adopting again.

Whether you are married or single, divorced or living with a partner, gay or straight, unemployed or disabled, and whatever your cultural background adoption may be for you.