Quarter 1 2014-15

Below are latest performance statistics for both First4Adoption website and the advice line including data on referrals to adoption agencies from both channels.


In the first quarter of 2014/15 (April-June 2014) the First4Adoption website received 77220 visits to the site of which 61421 were unique visitors.

Top 5 most visited pages

We received 395 emails from visitors to the site – 329  from the public and 66 from adoption agency staff.

Information Line

Our advisers took 998 calls during the same period. 79% of those caller were female.  Further breakdown of our enquirers can be found in the charts below.

Stage of the adoption process

Age of callers

Marital status



Agency referrals

Each adoption agency has its own page on our agency finder that has a link through to their own website. Clicking the links below will download a PDF showing how many referrals were made both from the website and by our helpline advisers:

Referrals to Local Authority Adoption Agencies (Quarter 1 2014-15) (PDF 201kb)

Referrals to Voluntary Adoption Agencies (Quarter 1 2014-15) (PDF 78kb)