Adoption party TV show pulls heart strings and callers

24 January 2014

Channel 4’s TV recent programme about adoption parties – Finding Mum & Dad – has led to an influx of calls to First4Adoption’s information line from people interested in adopting the three boys who appeared in the show.  However, the adoption information service says that it still needs approved adopters to get in touch, especially those interested in finding out more about Scott.

The heart-wrenching TV programme followed three young boys – Scott (8) plus brothers Connor (7) and Daniel (5) – as they attended an Adoption Activity Day. The boys joined other children waiting to find adopters at the adoption party, where they got the chance to meet prospective adopters who might choose to become their forever family. Sadly, none of the boys were matched with prospective adopters following the adoption party and they remain in the care of their foster families while the search to find them adoptive families continues.

First4Adoption, which took calls following the show on behalf of Channel 4, says that although there has been a huge interest from people who have contacted the service interested in adopting the boys, it still needs more approved adopters to come forward.

“It’s great that we have been receiving so much interest in the boys,” said Pippa Bow, Lead Advisor on the First4Adoption information line. “However, because it’s in the boys’ best interests to be placed with their adoptive families as soon as possible, the Local Authorities looking after them are prioritising prospective adopters who have already been approved to adopt. If you have been approved to adopt do to get in touch with us if you could offer them a loving home, especially Scott. We’d also love to hear from anyone who hasn’t yet got approval to adopt but is interested in finding out more about adopting one of the 6,000 other children in England currently waiting to be adopted.”

Want to know more about adoption parties? – read this story about our case study, Ann, who found her daughter after attending an adoption party. If you would like to share your adoption success story with us and help to spread the word about adoption, please get in touch 0300 222 0022.

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