Adoption UK announces new partnership with PAC-UK

24 October 2016

Adoption UK, the national charity run by and for adopters has today announced it will merge with PAC-UK the adoption support agency. The following statement was published on the Adoption UK website this afternoon:

“Adoption UK the country’s most influential adoption support charity, is embarking on a joint venture with PAC-UK, the country’s biggest independent adoption support agency, in a bid to provide a more comprehensive and cohesive level of support to everyone in the adoption community. The venture will give both organisations a chance to benefit from a complementary range of skills, resources and interests.

As part of this development, the following Adoption UK services will continue to operate as they do now, but those delivered in England will transfer to PAC-UK, from November 1, 2016.

  1. Local authority-contracted support groups and family days
  2. Parent consultant service
  3. Training
  4. Helpline

Adoption UK’s membership support groups will continue as they do now, with full responsibility remaining with Adoption UK”

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