First4Adoption launches first ever digital guide to help would-be adopters

31 July 2013

First4Adoption has today launched a ground-breaking new digital guide to who can apply to adopt a child in England. For the first time ever, this unique interactive Q&A will help would-be adopters to find out for themselves if they meet the criteria to apply to adopt a child, and to bust some of the myths about who can adopt. It will enable prospective adopters to start the first stage of the new two-stage adoption process, which was launched by the government via First4Adoption earlier this month.

The interactive Q&A is one of a series being developed by First4Adoption, which will be published on its website over the coming months to support would-be adopters through stage one of the new two-stage adoption process. It covers: marital status; ethnicity; home ownership; UK residency; criminal convictions; disabilities; health and wellbeing; fertility treatment; existing children in the family; smoking; mental health issues; income; and pets. As well as helping prospective adopters find out whether they are suitable to apply to adopt, the interactive guide raises some of the issues that adoption agencies may want to discuss later in the process.  

Further interactive Q&As are expected to cover: understanding the joys and challenges of adoption; and the types of children that are available for adoption.

The interactive Q&As could provide a record for prospective adopters to show their adoption agencies that they have completed the first stage of the two-part adoption process.

Gemma Gordon-Johnson, Head of Service at First4Adoption, said: “We are delighted to be launching our new digital guide to help would-be adopters on their journey to discovering if adoption is right for them. We hope that this encourages more people to come forward to offer a loving home to one of the 4,600 children currently waiting to be adopted in England.”

If you are interested in finding out more about adopting a child in England, give our friendly trained advisors a call on 0300 222 0022.

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