First4adoption is proud to support ITV’s Wanted: A Family of My Own

24 April 2014

A ground-breaking TV series that goes behind the scenes of the adoption process starts today on ITV. ‘Wanted: A Family of My Own’ screens tonight at 9pm and promises to give an intimate portrayal of the adoption system in England. First4Adoption has been working with the show producers over the last year and we will be ready and waiting to answer your calls for a specially-extended one hour slot after the show from 10pm on 0300 222 0022.

The four-part series is presented by Nicky Campbell, who was himself adopted. In a special interview, Nicky tells First4Adoption how he “won the lottery” the day he was adopted.

Tonight’s ITV programme follows prospective adopters Dan and Ania on their journey to adopt a child. Dan has two daughters from a previous relationship but they desperately want a child of their own. We also see the other side of the adoption process as social workers face difficulties trying to find a permanent family for a baby currently living with foster carers. His birthparents struggled with mental illness for many years and can’t take care of him.

Gemma Gordon-Johnson, Head of Service at First4Adoption, said:  “We are delighted to be supporting this pioneering TV series that is sure to raise many issues about the adoption process. So if you’re considering adoption or would like further information then we’ll be ready and waiting to answer your questions.”

First4Adoption has seen an increase in requests for information about adoption from viewers of another TV series on adoption, Channel 4’s ‘15,000 Kids And Counting’ which concluded last week.

Gemma added: “It’s so encouraging that so many people are interested in adopting one of the 6,000 children currently waiting for permanent loving families, and that we are getting the message out that many more people, including single and LGBT people and those aged over 40, can adopt. We look forward to hearing from many more people after tonight’s show.”

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