Volunteers needed for research on adopted children in school

29 July 2016
  • Have you adopted a child who currently attends a primary school in England or Wales?
  • Did your child experience one or more care placements before he/she was adopted?
  • Is your child aware that he/she was adopted?
  • Is the school that your child attends aware that your child has been adopted?

Rebecca Stewart, a Trainee Educational Psychologist at Cardiff University is researching the experience of adopted children in primary school and looking to talk to parents and teachers.  The project aims to explore schools’ knowledge of the needs of adopted children and to clarify the types of support that are available to adopted children in primary schools in England and Wales. Taking part in the study will not involve direct contact with your child but with your permission, your child’s current class teacher will be contacted and asked to participate in an interview.


For more information please contact Rebecca via e-mail at stewartr@cardiff.ac.uk.

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