Adoption Activity Days

Adoption Activity Days are organised events that give approved adopters, or prospective adopters at an advanced stage of approval, the opportunity to engage with children who need adoptive parents, in a safe, supported and fun environment.

These events allow the children and prospective adopters to interact through fun and enjoyable activities such as face painting, climbing, craft and soft play. Children are very carefully prepared by their social workers and foster carers and the emphasis is on having fun, not finding new parents. Adopters are offered a lot of support and somewhere to have time out if the emotion of the day gets too much. The children’s foster carers and social workers are also on hand for extra support.

Adoption Activity Days have proved successful in finding matches as they give prospective adopters and children a chance to make a real connection. An advantage of activity days is that adopters often find that their preconceptions about the kind of child they initially feel they might want to adopt changed once they had the opportunity to meet the children in person. This means that children who may not have been considered ‘on paper’ have a greater chance of being adopted.

These events are organised by Coram – in partnership with some councils and voluntary adoption agencies.

To find out more and see details of forthcoming adoption activity days please see Coram’s website or contact your local agency to find out more.