Coram IAC – Intercountry Adoption Centre

Type Voluntary Adoption Agency
Address Coram Campus
41 Brunswick Square
County London
Postal Code WC1 1AZ
Region London
Coverage We are able to take enquiries from across the whole of the UK where the local authority the enquirer lives in contracts with IAC.
Phone Number 0208 447 4753
Ofsted report May 2017 report (PDF) Ofsted audits all adoption agencies as it does schools and nurseries. Click the link to view the latest Ofsted reports for this agency.
Ofsted rating Outstanding


Coram IAC is the UK’s only specialist intercountry adoption agency.

We operate both intercountry and domestic adoption programmes. The intercountry adoption service is open to prospective adopters from across the UK where your home local authority contracts with Coram IAC and you are eligible under law.

The agency works with any country open to the UK and we have special programmes with India, South Africa, The Philippines, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and China (for special needs children). These programmes allow Coram IAC to oversee all steps of the process with our partner agencies. The domestic adoption service is open to prospective adopters already working with Coram IAC only who may undergo conversion from intercountry to domestic, or who are adopting again via the agency.

Since 2018 Coram IAC is the lead regional adoption agency (RAA) allowing us to work across the UK as well as advise local authorities in cases where children are being placed abroad. We are the experts in all intercountry adoption matters.

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