Family Adoption Links Northamptonshire

Type Regional Adoption Agency
St Johns Centre
St Johns Rd
County Northamptonshire
Postal Code NN12 8AA
Region East Midlands
Coverage All of Northamptonshire
Phone Number 0300 3301440
Ofsted report SC059262 Ofsted audits all adoption agencies as it does schools and nurseries. Click the link to view the latest Ofsted reports for this agency.


We’re a team of friendly and professional adoption experts who aim to provide the most successful matches for the children who need adoption and our adopters. Our child-centric approach means we provide the highest possible standards of care in line with their individual needs. With this in mind, we also aim to identify adoptive families for our children as soon as possible. This aim has been enhanced by becoming part of this larger regional adoption agency, Family Adoption Links.


At the start of your adoption journey, we’ll make sure that you have as much information as possible through our Information Events, Information Guide and informal chats with our Social Workers so that you can be sure adoption is the right path for you.


We’ll also make sure that we gently guide you through every step of the application process offering you valuable, interesting and comprehensive training to ensure you are aware of and prepared to meet the needs of your newly adopted child.


Once you have been approved, we will work hard to find the right match for you.  Again, this is where being part of a regional adoption agency is a benefit since there is a wider pool of children to be matched with. Our transition and placement processes have been honed over many years to offer the most seamless and successful experiences both for our children and for you as adopters.


Finally, but perhaps most importantly, we are fully committed to offering support in many different ways as you and your family progress through your adoption journey. From a telephone helpline to comprehensive Family Adoption Links online and in-person training on specific topics, quarterly newsletters to a buddy system, education support, adopter events and more, we are there with you every step of the way.

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