Adoption South Central Consortium Event – West Sussex

‘Your Family – Thinking outside the box’

An event for people who are:

  • Adopters but not yet matched with a child
  • Being assessed and near the end of Stage 2
  • Social workers/family finding workers

The Adoption South Central Consortium is holding an event to explore the challenges of parenting a child with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder (FASD), learning disabilities and learning difficulties. An opportunity to find out more, learn about the support that is available and chat with adopters who can share their experiences.

There will be information stands and an opportunity to view profiles of children available with the Consortium.

Keynote speakers:

David and Debbie Race, Lecturer in Disability and adopters of a child with a disability

Julia Brown, CEO of the FASD Trust and adopter of two children affected by FASD

Your local LA or VAA will co-ordinate attendance, if you are interested in attending please contact: Stephanie McCarron

Agency Adoption South East (Woking office)
Postal Code RH10 6LW
Postal Code RH10 6LW
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