Adoption Tees Valley Exchange Event (Stockton)

This exchange event follows on from a very successful internal matching event held in September 2018, and we are now happy to invite approved and Stage 2 adopters as well as adoption practitioners from the North/North East/North West, Cumbria and Yorkshire to an external event. Stage 2 adopters should have a panel date booked and have a positive recommendation from their assessing social worker in order to attend the event. A time slot will be provided, please specify whether you would prefer 1pm-3pm or 3pm-6pm.

We will be providing details of children we have waiting for adopters, who either have a Placement Order, or have a clear plan moving forward for adoption with an upcoming final hearing. The event will be supported where possible by foster carers and social workers of the children we present.

In order to ensure the security of the event registration is essential. If you would like further information regarding the event or would like to register your attendance please contact Lisa Whitehead on 01642 528183 or Diane Cox on 01642 528187.

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