An Audience with an Adopter of Older Children

You are invited to ‘An audience with an adopter of older children.’

Hannah and her husband adopted children aged 4 and almost 6 and they have never looked back!

Hannah would like to share her experiences with you about their decision to adopt older children and the joy it has brought to their lives.  She will be available to answer your questions about her experience before, during and after the adoption process and the support she received both pre and post placement of her children.

Hannah and her husband realised that the age of children is less important than getting the right match and that older children still need all the love and care that younger children do.

There are currently in excess of 2,000 children waiting for adoption.  26% of these children are over 4 years old. All too often children aged over 4 years old are seen too old to be adopted when in reality the world is just beginning to open up and children are exploring, tasting, discovering and taking delight in new things every day.

Adopting an older child means that you can help a child navigate the tricky art of growing up, right at the point when they need it most.

If you feel you can consider giving a home and family to children over 4, please come along to this event to hear first-hand what it’s like to be an adopter of older children.

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