Audience with Caritas Care’s Adoption Support Team – Online

It is important when considering adoption that you feel confident and comfortable with the support available to you. We understand that making a decision to choose the right agency for you is a daunting experience and you will have many questions…
What is adoption support?
Who are the people involved in giving me and my family the support I need?
What support is available?
Will I receive any training?
At this event, you will have an opportunity to meet and get to know our specialist team of Adoption Support Social Workers. You will be able to find out exactly how we at Caritas Care can support you throughout your adoption journey and there will also be an opportunity for you to ask questions.
The event will aim to give you a flavour of what support you will receive when adopting with Caritas Care and to reassure you that you are not alone…we are in this together and we are here for you!
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Alternatively you can book your place by calling 0800 652 6955 or email

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