Cambridgeshire Adoptables Follow-Up Workshop

If you are aged 13-25 and have been adopted, then this is the event for you. Come and join us at an Initial Adoptables Workshop

This is your opportunity to join The Adoptables, a unique peer network of adopted young people that enables you to express your views and talk about your experiences as adopted children at home, in school and with post-adoption support.We will talk about what works, what doesn’t work so well, and how decision-makers can improve adoption for young people like you across the county. It is a great platform to get your voice heard.

During the follow-up workshop, we will focus on a particular subject area of adoption which we will have started discussing during our initial workshop, but this time in more detail. We wukk complete any loose ends and pick up on and develop ideas which emerged from the initial workshop. Our ultimate aim will be to take your expert first-hand knowledge of adoption in order to help other young people as well as to spread our messages to people of influence in the wider community.

These workshops are available for any young person 13-25 to attend, however spaces are limited and participation is subject to availability. Please register interest for this event with the Adoptables Programme Manager, Erina.

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