Discover more about Early Permanence (Bristol)

Bristol City Council is in need of Early Permanence carers for babies coming into care. This is sometimes referred to as concurrency carers or foster to adopt and is basically when someone is dually approved as a foster carer and an adopter and cares for a baby aged 0-2 who may then go on to be adopted by that carer.

This limits the amounts of moves a child has but does place a risk on the carers if the courts decide the child can be placed with family members instead.

We will outline what it means for you and the children and you will have a chance to explore becoming an early permanence carer with a worker after the information session as well as hearing from a current adopter who started out as an early permanence carer.

If you wish to attendĀ PLEASE REGISTER HERE

We look forward to seeing you there!

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