SWLA (South West London Adoption) Information Event

This meeting aims to tell you more about adoption and in particular the adoption process with Merton, Sutton or another member of the South West London Adoption Consortium.

We aim to:

  • To explain more about what you can expect from Stage One of the assessment process.
  • To give you guidance on suggested reading.
  • Explain what the Prospective Adopter’s Report (PAR) involves.
  • Outline the process of going to the adoption panel for approval, being matched with a child and having a child placed with you.
  • Explain what contact with birth families involves and our adoption support services.
  • Provide you with an opportunity to hear about adoption from adoptive parents.
  • Explain why children become looked after, and provide you with information about children who have been adopted and those currently waiting for adoptive families.
  • Dispel myths and preconceptions about adoption.

To book your place please contact us on 020 8545 4688 or email: adoption@merton.gov.uk

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