Parenting From Back to Front (London)

To parent and care for developmentally traumatised children effectively, parents and carers need to have an understanding of how poor parenting, abuse and neglect in infancy effect a child’s development. Developmentally traumatised children’s behaviour is often developmentally stuck at the primitive brain level of functioning, which inhibits the development of mid-brain emotional attachments and frontal lobe reflection and meaning-making. This is why we say developmentally traumatised children need parenting from back to front. This parenting programme has been devised for parents and carers based on Family Futures’ Neuro-physiological Psychotherapy treatment programme. It is used as a complimentary strand to intensive treatment at Family Futures, but it also can be used as a stand-alone parent education programme.

This course can be funded by the Adoption Support Fund

Course outline:

Day 1: 22 February 2017 –  Trauma and Attachment.

Delivered by Sue Hughes, Senior Practitioner and Integrative Child Psychotherapist.

Day 2: 22 March 2017 –  Making Sense of your Child, a day on sensory integration.

Delivered by Mandy Ruddock, Paediatric Occupational Therapist & Sensory Integration Practitioner.

Day 3: 19 April 2017 –  Parenting with DDP principles of PACE and Theraplay.

Delivered by Jay Vaughan, Therapy Services Manager.

Days 4, 5 & 6: 9, 10 & 23 May 2017 – The Great Behaviour Breakdown.

Delivered by Denise Golding and Zach Gomm, Certified GBB Instructors.

Day 7: 13 June 2017 –  Supporting Looked After and Adopted Children in School.

Delivered by Marion Allen, Education Consultant.

Day 8: 11 July 2017 –  Positive Interventions, helping parents manage child-to-parent violence in the home.

Delivered by Ivan Sharpe, Behaviour Management Trainer and Consultant.

Day 9: 19 September 2017 – A Neuro Sequential Approach– Bringing it all together.

Delivered by Sue Hughes, Senior Practitioner and Integrative Child Psychotherapist.

Cost: £1,320

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