Preservation Versus Severance: Promoting Human Rights In Adoption Policy

The Open Nest Charity is hosting and funding a non-profit collaboration between a group of individuals and organisations who are concerned about some child protection practices that lead to the traumatic and permanent severance of parents and families from their children via adoption

The day will offer opportunities for professional collaboration and information sharing. Tickets cost £60, which includes lunch and regular refreshments at this beautiful conference venue next door to York Railway Station.

Based upon years of their research, academics Brigid Featherstone and Andy Bilson will set the scene for why these conversations and collaborations need to be had at this precise moment in political and social history. This will be followed by an adopted adults forum and round table discussions with parents and their professional allies from supportive organisations including:

  • The Open Nest is a creative, forward thinking charitable project born from personal experiences of the adoption and long term fostering of traumatised children.
  • New Beginnings – working holistically with families known to children’s social care
  • She for Women – focuses on community-based habilitation & housing for women at risk of offending and women who live in East Lancashire.
  • The Re Frame Collective – An action collective focusing on issues connected to care proceedings and child protection systems @re_frame_
  • Foundation for Families – transforming the way in which services respond to children and adults living with chronic domestic abuse and associated risk factors
  • Fran Proctor – Adoptee and Havening Practitioner who specialises in adverse childhood experiences and trauma
  • PAR – Parents Advocacy Rights
  • Roots of Connection Therapeutic Life Story Work, First Family Connections & Relationship Working @ConnectionRoots

Delegates will be able to discuss the research they hear and asses how it links with direct life experiences and have the opportunity to speak with adopted people, parents and their allies in smaller groups at THE OPEN IDEAS CAFE.

Information will be shared in RESEARCH, CONVERSATIONS and through ART WORKS that reflect diverse experiences as well as common threads and show that individuals and groups working together to make positive change is the best way and most powerful way forward to make adoption severance a very last resort and wholly in a child’s best interests.


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