The Realities of Adopting an Older Child (London)

We understand that the topic of adopting harder to place children raises many questions for potential adopters. We often get asked whether it is better to adopt a baby – because there is a perception they are likely to have less issues. Or, asked if older, traumatised children are beyond repair once they pass a certain age. Some people are also concerned about an increased probability of an adoption breakdown with an older child, due to their being a higher chance of attachment problems.

These are all very valid questions & concerns and on the surface it’s not surprising that many people associate adoption problems with older children. So, we are holding a special information evening in recognition of National Adoption Week, specifically aimed at sharing our perspective on the realities of adopting older children.

If you are considering adoption and believe you have got what it takes to adopt an older child, but have got lots of unanswered questions, then come to our Information Evening where we’ll dispel some of the myths around adopting ‘harder to place’ children; provide a forum to answer your questions and show you how, with some ‘extra support’ from Family Futures that adopting an older child can be the beginning of a wonderfully rewarding journey…

Getting there

Parking – There is a free car park and we are not in the congestion zone.

Public Transport – The closest train station is Canonbury, which is on the Overground line. Highbury & Islington Underground station is also only a ten minute walk away. Buses which stop near Family Futures are the 73, 476 & 341.

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