‘What About Me?’ Training Event

What might attachment support look like during a school day?

Presented by Anne Henderson

This second day of training is for school staff, social workers, adoptive parents and foster parents who have already attended the day one ‘Inside I’m Hurting’ course. Throughout the day participants will have the opportunity to reflect upon how to extend attachment awareness in everyday practices within school.

Children who have experienced significant, relational traumas and losses in their early years often find that they are at risk of being misunderstood and at worst excluded by the places that could offer them opportunities for second chance learning.

Themes covered during the day include:

– Revision of the principles behind the need for Attachment Support in schools

– The Attachment Support Pyramid for Schools

– Attachment Leads

– The Developmental Trauma Tree

– The Big Ask

– Facilitating the optimal classroom environment

– Arrival

– meet and greet

– Settling to learn

– Getting organised

– Holding onto success

– Supporting clear thinking

– Transitions

– the expected and the unexpected

– Perseverance

– Staff Care


£140.00 + VAT lunch and refreshments are included

For further information or to book please contact Alice Hollingdale on 01908 218251 or alice.hollingdale@adoptionplus.co.uk or visit www.adoptionplus.co.uk/training

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