Changes to adoption process to speed up adoption and improve customer care standards

1 July 2013

A new two-part adoption process has been launched today by the Department for Education, so that prospective adopters can be approved to adopt a child more quickly. At the same time, the professional bodies representing adoption agencies are encouraging them to sign up to new customer care standards also being launched today. These aim to ensure that prospective adopters will receive the highest standards of service from adoption agencies.

Under the new two-part adoption process, adoption agencies will be expected to assess and prepare prospective adopters to apply to adopt within six months. New digital learning materials designed to help prospective adopters through the first stage are being created by First4Adoption and will be available on its website in the next few weeks.

During the first stage of the new process, which is expected to take two months, prospective adopters will learn about what is involved in adopting a child and adoption agencies will obtain references for each applicant. The second stage, which is expected to take four months, involves more intensive assessment and preparation of prospective adopters so that they are ready to apply for approval to adopt a child. At the end of the second stage, prospective adopters should know if they have been approved to adopt and can then be quickly matched with a child who needs adopting.

“We are creating a range of materials to support prospective adopters through the new two-part process, to help them be approved and matched with a child more quickly,” commented Gemma Gordon-Johnson, Head of Service at First4Adoption. “These changes mean that more of the 4,600 children currently waiting to be adopted will be able to be quickly placed with permanent, loving families.”

If you would like to find out more about adopting a child, or how the changes announced today might affect you, give our friendly, trained advisors a call on 0300 222 0022.

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