First4Adoption first year impact report makes for impressive reading

27 March 2014

First4Adoption has published a new report analysing the impact of its activity since its inception in January 2013. It’s been a year full of positive achievements and the impact report quantifies each one.

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The service has supported 94,752 individuals online (more than double the original planning assumption for the service) and 2,196 callers to its information line. This means that the service received 96,948 contacts from people interested in adoption in 2013, which equates to 372 contacts each working day.

A total of 6,808 (15%) of unique online service users (16th August to 31st December 2013) went on to directly contact an adoption agency of their choice through the First4Adoption Agency Finder. Use of the digital service has grown steadily from 5,679 unique visits to the First4Adoption website in April 2013 when it was launched, to 27,563 in December 2013. Average time spent on the site is 3.4 minutes and users read an average of four pages on their visit. The website had 16,910 unique visits around the time of the launch of the Adoption Maps.

Similarly, the number of calls to the telephone information line has grown and the service received 2,196 calls between January and December 2013, an average 180 calls a month. Callers tended to be female and the majority of callers are between 30 and49 years old. Although call length varies depending on the subject, the average length of a call to the service is 5.9 minutes. Topics raised in calls were mainly about the adopter approvals process but also covered issues around foster carers wanting to adopt, fertility issues and housing requirements for adopters.

While the service has only been fully operation for just nine months, it is already having a tangible impact and looks forward to continuing to provide a high-quality, customer-focused information service for potential and prospective adopters over the next year.


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