New report shows increase in number of approved adopters

3 July 2013

There has been a 19% rise in completed adoptions in 2012/13 among members of the Consortium of Voluntary Adoption Agencies (CVAA), compared to the previous year, according to a survey published this week by the CVAA.

Chris Smith, Director of CVAA, added: “Significantly, and looking to the future, the figures also show a 43% increase in the number of applicants actually approved for adoption, indicating the potential for finding adoptive families for even more children in the coming year.”

The CVAA added that it is committed to increasing the number of children placed with adopters approved by voluntary adoption agencies by 20% year-on-year for the next three years. There are currently 4,600 children waiting to be adopted in England.

Gemma Gordon-Johnson, Head of Service at First4Adoption, commented: “The CVAA’s sector progress report coincides with the new two-stage adoption process, which we announced earlier this week, which aims to speed up the process by reducing the time it takes for prospective adopters to be assessed and informed if they have been approved to adopt to just six months. We have also launched new customer care standards this week to ensure that prospective adopters receive the highest standards of service from adoption agencies. Together, all of these changes and the new CVAA figures released this week are a boost for prospective adopters and will hopefully encourage more people to come forward to adopt a child.”

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