Managing the expectations of potential adopters

There has been a 63% increase in the children adopted in the last 3 years. However these numbers are expected to reduce as there have been fewer children for whom the courts have made adoption plans in recent months. Combined with successful recruitment, this means that some agencies now have a number of approved adopters waiting to be matched with children, as well as prospective adopters going through the assessment process.

It may take a number of months for this situation to change. In the meantime we have drawn up some suggestions on how to manage enquiries from prospective adopters who may be concerned about being turned away or disheartened by what they may have heard or read.

  • It’s crucial that all agencies continue to welcome enquiries from potential adopters regardless of their current recruitment situation. Would-be adopters should never be made to feel “unwanted” or discouraged
  • Signpost to First4Adoption, we can help potential adopters stay motivated and to have realistic expectations. We can suggest actions they might want to take if they are faced with a wait before being able to apply to adopt
  • Please keep us up-to-date with your current recruitment needs – you may want to check your listing on our website here and update this if relevant, email any amendments to
  • Above all, please be mindful of the fact that the recruitment of adopters remains a national priority.