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  • “Having gay parents hasn’t been such a big deal. Having new parents was the bit that took some getting used to”.

    Steven Elvins is 21 and lives in Bristol with his Mums, Lynne and Emma. In a special blog for LGBT+ Adoption & Fostering week, he shares his adoption story. Living in an LGBT+ family People often ask me how I feel about having two Mums. To be honest, I’ve never really given it that much […]

  • “Being adopted with my sister was like having a family within a family”

    Continuing our series of blogs on the theme of brothers and sisters, adoptee, Claire Eastwood shares her sibling experience : I am 23 years old now and I was adopted at the age of 3 with my half-sister who was 7. She had cared for me prior to our adoption so unfortunately she had had […]

  • “I sometimes feel like a puzzle piece trying to fit in”

    Like many adoptees, Claire has often felt like “an outsider”. Her she shares her story and some advice for her younger brother.  I was adopted at a very early age. For me, adoption was not a full stop as some people misconstrue it, but the start of a brand new story. Fast forward 20 years […]

  • Adult adoptee Chris writes to his year 7 self

    For an adopted person, the secondary school years can be be a particularly challenging time. First4Adoption’s Chris Burton wrote this letter to his 12 year old self : Dear Chris, There’s so many things I’d like to tell you, me, or whatever we call ourself. Really important stuff I wish we’d known in Year 7. But […]

  • Jesse Toksvig-Stewart celebrates families of all shapes and sizes

    I guess you could say that our adoption story is not a typical one. In the beginning it was my two Mums, my siblings and I. We lived together in a great house in Surrey and we had the best up-bringing any children could ask for. One of my Mums changed career about 6 years […]

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