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“Lots of love & see you soon” welcoming an adopted child – a Mum writes

Published: May 22, 2017

Most adoptive parents make a simple photo book to introduce their child to his or her new family. @blogforadoption remembers making one for her son, Danny – with a little help from a talking bear called Ernie.    

During our adoption process we saw a couple of books that adopters had made. I’m not going to lie, I did feel the pressure when putting ours together. After all, it’s the first impression your child will get of you. But I’m quite a creative person and rose to the challenge.

We decided our book would be written by the now legendary Ernie Bear (created especially at “Build a Bear”) and that Danny would receive our book and Ernie Bear at the same time. Ernie Bear had our voices in him so that Danny would know what we sounded like before he got to see us. I lost count how many times we recorded it until we were both happy with the message! We knew Danny liked superheroes and Transformers were big at the time so we dressed Ernie Bear in a Transformers t-shirt. We’d also bought one for Danny which he found out when he got to the pages featuring his bedroom as we’d put it on his wardrobe.

Danny’s book was a scrap book with his name and the first picture we ever saw of him on the front.

The first page was Ernie Bear introducing himself and then us and then each page was a different room of the house, garden, cars, local park, school etc. Ernie Bear featured in the majority of the pictures and we also put ‘fun facts’ relating to a picture, some of which included “Mummy used to fall asleep in the car when she was a little girl” “Daddy used to play with his cars when he was a little boy”

The last couple of pages was like a little interview about our favourite things so that Danny could get to know more about us before we met. Some of the questions were

  • Favourite food
  • Favourite children’s book
  • Favourite children’s film
  • Favourite colour
  • Favourite football team

We ended the book with myself, hubby and Ernie Bear all holding up cards reading;



Danny loved our book and still looks at it occasionally. Ernie Bear has a permanent place on his bed.

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